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Folded leaflets are one type of folded flyers. Leaflets are usually folded in a concertina type fold. This format can be used for books for children but many other options are available. More pages should be folded in a concertina type. Make sure the leaflet is planned out carefully and what content should be seen on each side. The composition should be clear in all ways of folding.


A4 - 210 x 297 mm portrait, A4 - 297 x 210 mm horizontal, A5 - 148 x 210 mm portrait, A5 - 210 x 148 mm horizontal, A6 - 105 x 148 mm portrait, A6 - 148 x 105 mm horizontal, F5 - 99 x 210 mm portrait, F5 - 210 x 99 mm horizontal


4 pages (folded), 6 pages (folded), 8 pages (folded), 10 pages (folded)

Number of colours

1 colourcoated, 2 colourcoated, Full colour


80 g offset, 90 g offset, 90 g coated matt or gloss, 115 g coated matt or gloss, 135 g coated matt or gloss, 150 g coated matt or gloss, 170 g coated matt or gloss, 250 g coated matt or gloss, 300 g coated matt or gloss

Manufacturing processing

Folding in zigzag, Wrapped folding