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Magazines are periodically published printed materials with interesting pictures, stories, information on arts, literature or science, etc. It can also be news-oriented material containing all the current information on public affairs. The option of communication is limitless and the content is presented in an entertaining or convincing way. Magazines are aimed to provide up to date information for the target readers. The articles are written for a wide range of people in a simple way with full of information. As magazines are sponsored by advertisements, the genre of magazines is closely related to advertisement business. A magazine can be customer or commercial, depending on the accessibility.


A4 - 210 x 297 mm portrait, A4 - 297 x 210 mm horizontal, A5 - 148 x 210 mm portrait, A5 - 210 x 148 mm horizontal


8 pages, 12 pages, 16 pages, 20 pages, 24 pages, 28 pages, 32 pages, 36 pages, 40 pages, 44 pages, 48 pages, 52 pages, 56 pages, 60 pages

Number of colours

1 colourcoated, 2 colourcoated, Full colour


80 g offset, 90 g offset, 90 g coated matt or gloss, 115 g coated matt or gloss, 135 g coated matt or gloss, 150 g coated matt or gloss, 170 g coated matt or gloss


Matt foil on cover, Bright foil on cover

Manufacturing process

Folding, stitching Folding, stitching with omega staple